Constitution Plaque Initiative

Placing the Constitution and Bill of Rights in Americas Schools

"Your generation of people have to defend and keep this Constitution. If you dont know much about it, if you havent looked at it, if you dont understand how difficult it was for our people to get it in the first place, its not easy to do a good job of defending it!"  See a Video of Warren Burger

- Warren E. Burger
Chief Justice, United States Supreme Court / Chairman, Constitution Bicentennial Commission

Detailed Information on Constitution Plaque Initiative

What are the “Original Replicas” of these documents?
In 1986, President Ronald Reagan authorized an artist to enter the vaults in the National Archives in Washington D.C. for the purpose of lifting the cursive penmanship from the original documents onto full size plates or negatives that are used in the bronze etching process.

Junior Achievement at Broward College, Coconut Creek, FL
Junior Achievement at Broward College, Coconut Creek, FL

The “Plaque Program” becomes the “National Constitutional Plaque Initiative”
President Ronald Reagan and Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, declared that as part of the Bicentennial Commission Celebration (1987-1991), Bronze replicas of the Constitution and Bill of Rights should be cast for placement in public buildings and schools as part of the Plaque Program. The plaque set received official national status on September 17, 1987 with dedications by Chief Justice Burger and President Reagan. Their efforts, however, to establish the Constitution Plaque Program during the Bicentennial years came and went without reaching its potential. Today that potential is being revitalized by the American Constitution Spirit Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling the Bicentennials goals.

oody Middle School, Henrico County, Virginia
Moody Middle School, Henrico County, Virginia

In 2002, individuals familiar with Reagan and Burgers efforts reinstituted the program and established the American Constitution Spirit Foundation to impress on American youth the importance of their founding documents which are so vital in protecting their freedoms. The National Constitution Plaque Initiative enables all schools across America to receive a set of these plaques for permanent placement in their halls, libraries, or commons areas.

oody Middle School, Henrico County, Virginia
West Point High School, West Point, Virginia

Plaque Initiative History
On November 22, 2010 a dedication ceremony took place at Maggie L. Walker Governor's School in Richmond, Virginia to represent the Official launch of the National Constitution Plaque Initiative. Key speakers at the ceremony were former Virginia Governors George Allen and Tim Kaine. Since then additional schools have received sets in Virginia and Florida. The Initiative has established a presence with regional and state coordinators in South Fl., Central Fl., South Carolina, Tidewater, Va., Richmond, Va., Northern, Va., Philadelphia, PA., College Station & Southern Texas. More coordinators are being recruited to eventually cover most communities in America.

The Plaque Sets

Size & Weight (Click image for for larger view.)

PlaqueFour Pages of the Constitution
Each plaque: 25 3/4” x 32 3/8”  Weight– 112#
One Page of the Bill of Rights:
One plaque:  29 1/2” x 35 1/2”  Weight– 127#
Finish: Brushed Satin, Recessed Black Interior/ Exterior Diamond Shield Protective Coating.

Donor Plaques (Click images for for larger view.)

Donor Plaque - StandardStandard Plaque
8” x 11” plaque, engraved with donor information on two lines. Finished with satin gloss covering. Holes are drilled through the face and finished with Rosetta heads.

Donor Plaque - CustomCustom Plaque
10” x 14” plaque, engraved with donor provided detail. Finished with satin gloss covering. Logo or picture suitable for etching. Stud mounted or machine screws.

Mounting Options

Stud MountStud Mount
This method is recommended for concealed mounting on brick or masonry walls. The plaque is drilled and tapped to accept a threaded stud.

Rosette MountRosettes
Machine Screws & Expansion Sleeves: Machine screws and expansion sleeves work well with brick, stone, or masonry walls. Holes are drilled through the face of the plaque.

Donation Amount

Constitution and Bill of Rights
Five plaque set: $ 8,500


  • Constitution and Bill of Rights Plaque Set
  • Crating, handling and shipping
  • Delivery to designated school
  • Installation at school ( $ 400 Allowance)