The National Constitutional Plaque Initiative is Launched

Date: 09-Dec-10
Author: Staff Editor

On November 22, 2010 the official launch of the National Constitutional Plaque Initiative took place at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School in Richmond, Virginia. The five bronze plaques of the Constitutiion and Bill of Rights were dedicated in a ceremony held to commemorate the acquisition. Key speakers at the ceremony were former Virginia Republican Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen, and former Virginia Democratic Governor and current Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tim Kaine.


“We believe it was important to have both a Republican and a Democratic former governor attend our first dedication ceremony to make a crystal clear statement that this is indeed a bipartisan initiative,” said National Coordinator, Richard Peyton. And as a perennial favorite in the “We the People” national competitions, it is appropriate that Maggie Walker be that first school.” 


The dedication ceremony also served as an educational opportunity for the students at the school which specializes in government and international studies. It was an hour long opportunity to discuss the governing principals of the nation with two former Virginia governors. Students queried Allen and Kaine on the toughest constitutional issues they faced while in office, and what the framers would think of how the Constitution, signed Sept. 17, 1787, is being interpreted today. Topics ranged from the death penalty to same-sex marriage. The ceremony was presented in front of a full auditorium and broadcast live throughout the school and on County Public School TV.


“The plaques are magnificent,” said Maggie L. Walker Director Fred Morton, noting that they capture every detail of the originals, right down to the ink marks made by the quills of the signers. “It’s absolutely a learning tool, and just like the Richmond Times Dispatch article stated, from now on, when Maggie Walker Governor's School students need a civics lesson, they won't have to go any farther than the school commons." 


Overall, the launch was a resounding success!

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